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About Me

My Background

Nyla Hayes is a 13-year-old student and creator of the female-led, all-women generative NFT collection, “Long Neckie Ladies.” The multi-million-dollar collection features diverse women with elongated necks inspired by her favorite dinosaur, the Brontosaurus. Last year, she was named the first-ever Artist-in-Residence by TIMEPieces, a web3 community initiative by TIME in which she created the “Long Neckie Women of the Year” collection featuring 1,00 unique pieces of the 100 women named to TIME’s “Women of the Year” list.

Gaining mass recognition in the digital community, Nyla has received numerous accolades, making her a 2x Future 50 winner, and being named a NFT.NYC’s Emerging Artist of the Year, AfroTech’s Future 50, and a 2022 NFT100 Honoree.

Furthermore, she is the founder of NFT Children’s Day.

A Little about Nyla and Long Neckie Collection

My Inspiration

The inspiration for the Long Neckie collection originated with my love for dinosaurs. Before I could walk, talk or picked up a Barbie, I played with Dinosaur toys. My absolute favorite childhood tv show was Dino Dan. I fell in love with the Brontosaurs, which I lovingly referred to as “long neckie”. Their beautiful long neck mixed with their size, gentle nature and bravery was so cool to me.

They inspired me to create my Long Neckie Collection. This Collection features beautiful females of all races with elongated necks.