Welcome to the
Nyla Hayes Collection

Long Neckie Ladies

Long Neckie Ladies are a fine art, hand drawn, computer generated collectible of 3333 diverse females. Each Long Neckie features an elongated neck that is inspired by my favorite dinosaur, the brontosaurus

Who Am I?

I’m a 12 year old digital artist. I started drawing at the age of 4 and took up digital art at the age of 9. March of 2021 was the start of my NFT journey. Since then my work has been featured in digital art galleries around the world, won the Top Emerging Artist award at the NFT.NYC show and successfully launched the 1st female led PFP generative Art project entitled Long Neckie Ladies which I led, founded and created. I am most proud of being named TIME magazine 1st ever artist in residence.

Nyla in the News

Nyla has been featured in news articles like TIME, TIME for Kids, Business Insider, Investing.com, Black Enterprise and many more!